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UTB is a LEGACY CAMPUS this means when you download TurningPoint and TurningPoint Anywhere software go to the Legacy Tab. The Legacy manuals and training page can be found here.

To register your classes on ResponseWare, the app for student's smart phones or iPads, computers and tablets, you need to create a ResponseWare account by contacting the HELP Desk or

  •, 956-882-4357
  •, 956-882-6667

Once you contact them, you will receive an email with your account login and your password. Click here for the instructions to give students their session ID.

If you have Microsoft 2010 installed on your computer and the TurningPoint Tab does not show up on your PowerPoint, click here for instructions. 

Below find the information you need to get started.

Overview of Clickers  This unit will provide information on the various ways in which you might incorporate clickers for: quizes, tests, attendance, and engaging students in discussion.

TurningPoint Anywhere  This unit will provide information about how to use TurningPoint Anywhere, software you can use during a carefully planned lecture or "on the fly" questions.

TurningPoint  Turning Point slides are easily incorporated where you want them. You can add new TurningPoint slides to your existing course presentations. or create new presentations.

Syllabus Information  This unit provides you with thye information students need to know where to purchse, register them on Blackboard, and where to get help.  You add this information to your syllabus. 

Download the Software to Your Computer   Download Turning Point Anywhere or Turning Point software to your computer. Download the one you prefer or both!

Upload your Grades to Blackboard  This unit tells you how to put your grades and data directly onto Backboard.


Trainings are available on line, one-on-one and in workshops. Click here to go to the Turning Point website to access the online tutorials. To set up an appointment for one on one consultation, contact Moises Estrada.


Classroom Assistance
If you would like someone to assist you the first time you use it in your class, email Betsy Price or call 882-7334.

Faculty Mentors
Contact Betsy Price for a list of faculty who are using clickers.

Technical Help

UTB Instructional Technology - Trouble shooting students registering, uploading grades to Blackboard, contact Francisco Garcia in Distance Education.

Classroom Computer Support
HELP desk helpdesk@utb.edy

Turning Technologies Representative
To contact our representative with questions or concerns email Bill Joyce or call by phone toll-free at: 1-866-746-3015.

Research at UTB

We are developing a Community of Practice for research in the positive affects of using clickers in the classroom. Share your best (and worst) practices using clickers and evidence of student increase learning or positive attitude as a result of using clickers. As a group we will publish our findings to share with other college faculty. Join our discussion group on clickers.

Resources to learn how clickers are used in higher education:

Using Clickers in the Classroom Bill James from the University of Georgia provides a brief description of some approaches to using clickers in a college classroom.

How to Use Clickers Effectively useful hints on how to frame questions that inspire discussion in your classroom.

The Research. Do Clickers Help Students Learn?

Best Practices from the University of Milwaukee Faculty.

Dr. Eric Mazur from the Physics Department at Harvard University, has developed the Peer Instruction methodology. He uses our clicker system with TurningPoint AnyWhere to great effect. Click here for additional information:

Peer Instruction is just one of ten different teaching methods that can be used with TurningPoint. Here is a list of others: Active Learning, Agile Teaching, Assessment for Learning, Engagement, Gaming, Immediate Feedback, Motivation, Positive Reinforcement as well as other learning styles. Click here for more information.

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