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Creating a Climate of Ethics Across Campus

Last Fall semester faculty attended a webinar on creating a climate of ethics. The theme was how some colleges have assessed their campus's challenges about student academic dishonesty and then tailored a campus wide program to curb cheating.

The webinar was very informative and in the discussion afterward, the participants wanted to keep this topic current to bring it to a campus discussion to create a plan for how we can address our challenges at UTB/TSC.

At the Academic Senate meeting on Jan. 22, Provost Arbise stated that the processes and procedures for action on academic dishonesty is the responsibility of faculty. When he was at Arizona they had conducted a year long investigation of how to handle cases. Click here to read their procedure.

Our first meeting for this semester was Feb. 2, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. in the CTL Classroom on the second floor of the new classroom building. During this meeting we discussed a plan of action for how we might make this a campus wide discussion and action.

We have developed pages in the Blackboard Professional Development Organization. This can be found on your Blackboard account in the section for organizations.

Our next meeting will be scheduled soon. Until then, below is some reading you may want to do.

Cheating Cases on Rise at Stanford

In the last decade, the number of cheating cases considered by Stanford University's judicial board has more than doubled, to 123 from 52, The San Jose Mercury News reported. Stanford officials attributed the increase both to more cheating and more reporting by faculty members. University analysis found that although computer science students make up 6.5 percent of Stanford's students, they accounted for 23 percent of violations of the university's honors code. click here to read the story.

Below are books written by Tricia Bertram Gallant who conducted the seminar. Please let contact Betsy Price if you would like to read a copy.

"Academic Integrity in the Twenty-First Century: A Teaching and Learning Imperative" (April 2008, Jossey-Bass) and co-author of, "Cheating in School: What We Know and What We Can Do" (2009, Blackwell).

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