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Student Proceedure for vUTB

As a way to increase communication and support group work as well as provide alternative ways of learning, we will be using virtual wolds, an electronic virtual environment. To create your avatar and prepare for our activities you will need to download either of the viewers below:

Create Your Avatar

Go to to create your avatar.

Creat Your Avatar  Plan on about an hour to make your avatar and get to vUTB. (Notes: 1.  Some versions of VISTA will not allow you to register but once on are not a problem. 2.  Most computers will send an error message that your computer doesn't meet SL operational standards, ignore this message, even netbooks can use SL.)

Click here for a complete turoial to create your avatar and set preferences.

You can find other tutorials for advanced skills at:

Download a viewer for your computer

This is the recommended viewer:

Alternative viewer

Both viewers will tell you your computer is not to standard. Ignore that statement unless you are on a netbook.

You can download the viewer on your computer or you may use the computers in the Olivera Library (Old Library), or REK  lab that have Second Life already installed. If you are at a lab computer that does not have a viewer, you can download it for the day.

If you are using the Second Life viewer, change your viewer from basic to ADVANCED. You do this when you log on to change the tab on the bottom from basic to advanced. Advanced gives you a viewer that has all the options you will need.

Complete your profile: As with any Internet activity, do not give any personal information. Remember you can always put information on the Internet, you cannot take anything off. Do put that you are taking (put name of class) so we can identify you. You will need Linden Dollars to upload your picture. Ask Betz Darwinian for money.

Mentors: Put Betz Darwinian (Betsy Price) and (others to be determined) in your search and add them as friends. They will help you. Any problems please send an email to:

Course Group: Your professor has created a group, (group name) that you need to join. You can join this group by your instructor sending you an invitation to join or putting the group name in the search and clicking on join group.

Class Orientation (Put a date and time here you want them to meet at UTB for an orientation. The mentors will take over conducting the orientation.) We will meet at SLURL (Second Life URL) UTB II, UTB Alumni (145, 190, 27) Paste this into the address bar of the SL viewer.

Virtual Office Hours: (Put in virtual office hours where and when students can meet with you. Evening hours are the most convenient for students.)

Mentor Office Hours: Mentors will be available during office hours to assist with SL skills. Office hours will be published but you can IM them at anytime. Mentors will receive messages even if they are not on line and they will respond when they get on. Don’t be shy about asking for help. Second Life is a new environment and we have an opportunity to help the company learn how to better serve the academic community.


When you get on, the mentors and your professor will give you notecards of places to go on Second Life. Some of these will be suggested activities so you may learn basic skills and feel more comfortable on tours and with your class activities. The notecards will be passed to you and will appear in your Objects Tab (the one with the suitcase). Look for the file, notecards. If they are new notecards, go to Recent. All new objects will appear there.

Landmarks: Your instructor of mentors may pass Landmarks to you. These will appear in your Landmarks Tab (the one with the globe). Landmarks may be suggested activities for skill building or they may be part of your curriculum. You only need to click on the landmark to go to your destination.

Teleport: When people want you to come to someplace either on the UTB sim or another one, they will give you a teleport. That will take your avatar to where he or she is.

Welcome to vUTB! The islands are part of UTB and are available to you throughout your stay with us. Even after your class, there will be activities in which you can participate.

Groups to join to continue using UTB SL islands.

  • UTB Students You will receive notices of ongoing social and educational events and how to apply to be a paid mentor.
  • UTB Artists You will receive notices about art shows, gallery openings, performance art happenings, and other art activities on SL. You can also reserve an art studio in the Art and Architecture Lab to create your own work. You may also request individual assistance to learn how to write scripts, do musical performances, build structures and objects, and even create a business.
  • UTB Administrators This is a group for students that want to assist in building sturctures for faculty, mentoring other students, and helping to maintain the island. You will recieve oomplete building privledges.
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