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Join a Group

Groups are used in virtual worlds to organize likeminded individuals. In your class, your professor will ask that you to join a group. This allows the group to receive notices, use a group IM and voice chat, pass on landmarks and notecards, and have different levels of management. In a group, no matter where your avatar is, you will be connected, even by voice.

There are many professional and social groups also. You will be asked to participate in a professional group and attend events. You may also join groups outside of your class work to network with avatars internationally.

To join a group you know about, put the name of the group into your viewer’s search. In SL Viewer it is the top right hand corner, in Firestorm, it is the magnifying glass on the bottom bar. Click on the name of the group in the pop-up and then More Information. This will bring up a panel with the group information. Click on Join Now or follow the instructions on how to contact the group owner if the group is by invitation only.


Group: Groups can be professional, social, friends, or any reason a group of avatars wish to have communication, events, or any activity. Avatars can join groups either by invitation, an open group, or create their own group.

Photohunt: Is one of thousands of events held on Second Life in which avatars can actively participate. Beginners as well as seasoned photographers are welcome. Photohunt is sponsored by the group, Virtual Artist Alliance. It is held every Wednesday night at 6 p.m. SLT (Second Life Time which is the same as Pacific Time). Click here for the SLURL.

Groups to Join

Virtual Artist Alliance: This group sponsors, promotes, and initiates many visual arts activities including fun competitions, art shows, and other activities.

ISTE SL Tour Group: This group was created to provide information to its members about upcoming tours, and to facilitate communication among participants during tours. Tours typically occur every other Sunday from 9 - 10 AM SLT. Registration is required to limit size of groups. To sign up for next tour go to:

ISTE: Educational Technology Association: The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is the trusted source for professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership for innovation. A nonprofit membership organization in RL, ISTE provides leadership and service to improve teaching, learning, and school leadership. To find ISTE on Second Life, click here.

EDTECH Commumity The group is designed for teachers to get information, share ideas and techniques, and get tips from other teachers. EDTECH island is a resource for all teachers. We offer a variety of no-cost spaces for education events and teaching, a sandbox, some free condos, and an informational center. Graduate courses and workshops offered on the island. IM Bcreative Wilde to reserve space. Boise State University

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