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Description of Course Options

The certificate course is project based. Learning technology is much like learning to play the violin. You have to get your hands on. You cannot read about playing the violin, not practice and expect to pick it up and play. Each unit has small projects to practice your new skills. The final project is of your choosing to be completed in a class lesson with your students.

The content provides information on skills, how tos, and then it is intertwined with examples of using appropriate teaching strategies for different tech tools. Technology is only useful when applied with a specific teaching strategy to accomplish your student learning objectives.

The Course is broken into different units. Below is a listing of each and a description of what you will learn at each component.

Unit One: Design

Learn how design creates navigational flow, visual identity, and creates your learning environment.

Unit Two: Social Media

How to use social media that is popular with students as a serious tool for information management, discussion, and an in class tool to compliment lecture and other class activities

Unit Three: Learning Management Systems LMS

LMS are tools for organizing materials, documenting grades and communication with your students. You will learn what systems are out there, both free and for-profit.

Unit Four: Video and Audio

Learn how to make your own video and audio pod casts, YouTube, and animated presentations.

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