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Design and Learning

The visual identity of your work sends a clear message about you to your students. Your design, the degree of professionalism you use, sets the standard for the quality of work you expect from your students.

This unit contains the following:

  • Using Online Image Editors
    • How to size images correctly, to manipulate them for illustrating important points and create your own images
  • Using Tools for Original Design: GIMP and Photoshop
    • How to use powerful and extensive image creators to establish a completely unique visual identity with your program
  • Pedagogy of Design
    • How to use design to engage learners who are very visual and accustomed to sophisticated online design

It is not necessary to be a great artist or designer, you just need a couple good practices to make your work visually appealing. Students are not impressed by elaborate graphics, bells and whistles; they just expect you to lay out your materials in a well designed format that makes it easy and pleasant to learn.

Watch the video below to see how easy it was to make the design graphic on this page.

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