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Image Editors

Image editors are software that allows you to manipulate images. You can draw or highlight things in an image, create simple, original designs, size them, and do a host of other features. They allow you to add images to create interest, guide navigation, and establish a visual identity to your work.

For our purposes in these tutorials, we will be using SumoPaint, a free online editor that is easy to use and easily accessible. If you prefer another one, feel free to use an editor you are more comfortable with.

This section includes the tutorials:

Basics of Image Editing

Learn what image editors can do. This will be an introduction to some features that you can use to create and alter images.

Sizing and Borders for Publication and Presentations

Learn the importance of properly sizing an image and putting a border around it. This improves the visual appeal, makes documents pleasant to read, and makes the document or presentation easy and quick to load.

Alter an Image

This section will teach you how to alter an image that will allow you to highlight important material, add interest and tailor images to your style.

Creating Unique Designs for Navigation and Visual Identity

Here you will learn how to make design tools to use as symbols for navigation, design elements, and to add interest to your materials.

Image editors can be found free on line, you can purchase a subscription, or you can download the editor to your computer; some free, some not. Most computers come with some form of image editor. A list of free editors is included in the Resources in this section.

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