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Center for Teaching and Learning Technology Supported Learning Certificate

Mission Statement

To certify exemplary faculty to use technology as a tool within and outside the classroom in order to provide students with:

  • Alternative ways of learning
  • Technological and communication skills for their future profession
  • Ways students communicate with faculty and their peers.

Technology supported learning is for using technology outside the classroom to assist student learning. In these modules you will learn to blend technology tools into your curriculum to include a balance of human interaction, small group interaction, and individual student support.

Learning Objectives

  • Faculty can evaluate and assess technological tools that will enhance their classroom and online teaching to provide alternative ways of learning for their students with various learning styles, disabilities, and levels of achievement.
  • Faculty are able to identify appropriate uses of technology tools, when to use them, and when other forms of teaching are more appropriate.
  • Faculty are able to increase contact time and quality of interactions with their students and students with their peers.
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