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How to Tailor the Course

You decide want components you want to take according to the type of course you are teaching and the extent in which you feel comfortable. If you are a beginner at designing online materials or courses, then start with what feels comfortable to you. Remember all technology has a steep learning curve. Therefore pick the unit in which you like and want to accomplish. This doesn’t help the learning curve; it is still there. Wanting and interested to learn something makes you more persistent and the reward greater.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Beginner Online
    • Pedagogy of design, Blackboard, Luminate and SoftChalk
  • Beginner Blended
    • Pedagogy of design, Social Media, Google Docs, and SoftChalk
  • Intermediate and blended online
    • Social media, Image editors, Google Docs, and Video
  • Advanced
    • Video, design, interactive activities

To design your course, make an appointment with Betsy Price, 956-882-7334 or Betsy Price. You can talk over the components and which ones will suit you the best. Your Certificate will be awarded after you have completed your final project.

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