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What type of contact(s) did you have with the faculty and staff at the Center for Teaching and Learning? This could be formal activity like a workshop, committee or orientation or a more informal activity like individual or department assistance, grant writing, curriculum building, help with Blackboard, or even a lunch, dinner or semester faculty party at my house. *

How did you hear about the Center for Teaching and Learning? For example: the CTL web pages, someone from the Center contacting you, or a recommendation from a faculty member, chair or staff.

Tell us a little about your experience(s) and how it(they) helped you. For example what was the contact for and how did the experience help you accomplish what you wanted?

How would you rate your reception on your initial inquiry?

  Low Average High 
Welcoming and very pleasant 
Ok, nice experience 
Slightly uncomfortable 
Not pleasant at all 

How would you rate your experience?

  Low Average High 
Excellent, enjoyed the experience 
Problem wasn't solved but we tried 
Not a good experience 

How can we improve? What would you suggest? This question is very important as we move forward creating a new UTB. Be creative, honest and progressive in your answer.

Would you recommend the Center for Teaching and Learning to other faculty, staff or administrator that may need assistance providing the best educational services to UTB students?


Did you know about the Center for Teaching and Learning web pages? (Hint: You can find them at


Would you like to give a workshop, serve on an advisory board, or provide a service through the Center for Teaching and Learning for other faculty or staff? Again, we want to be creative and progressive as we move forward and welcome innovative contributions.


If yes, please give your name and contact information?

Is there a question we missed? Is there something more you would like to tell us? Please write it here.

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