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What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment is a program in which a high school student enrolls in a college course and receives simultaneous academic credit for the course from both the college and the high school.

Where do I turn in the application?
All paperwork must be submitted to the high school counselor or high school Dual Enrollment representative. The UTB/TSC Dual Enrollment adviser will retrieve all paperwork from the high school.

How much do the courses cost?
UTB/TSC only charges a fee of $5 per course. In some cases, the school district pays that fee for its students. All books and materials are provided to the student by the school district. Please note, however, that students who have not yet acquired either U.S. citizenship or permanent residency may be responsible for paying foreign tuition rates.

What courses are offered?
Courses offered at each high school vary.  Students' are encouraged to meet with the high school counselor or the high school Dual Enrollment representative for a list course offerings geared specifically to their high school.

Where are the courses taught?
All courses are taught at the student’s high school campus.

Who teaches the courses?
In most cases, the high school’s own teachers will teach dual credit courses, if they meet the college requirements.  In others, UTB/TSC will provide adjunct instructors from the college.

What time of day are the courses taught?
In most cases, the courses are taught during the regular high school day. At times, courses can be offered before or after the school day.

Are the courses transferable to other colleges/universities?
Academic courses may be transferred to all public colleges and universities in the state of Texas. As for technical courses, private institutions, or those out of state, transferability will depend on the receiving institution.

Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen or have a Social Security number to be eligible?
U.S. citizenship or possession of a Social Security number is not required to be eligible for the program. Students who have not yet acquired either U.S. citizenship or permanent residency may not, however, qualify for the tuition fee waiver.  These students will be responsible for paying foreign tuition rates as published in the UTB/TSC Course Schedule.

Will I have access to university services?
All students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program will be considered college students.  Therefore, they will be able to acquire a UTB/TSC Scorpion ID and access all services available to university students.

What are the consequences if I fail the course?
Students who fail a dual credit course, as well as those who fail to withdraw from a course by the published deadline, will receive a failing grade, F, on their official college transcript.  That grade will remain part of their college record and will negatively affect them when applying for admissions into other universities and for financial aid. 

Can I withdraw from the course at any time?
Students wishing to withdraw from a dual credit course may drop only the college credit portion of the course.  They will still be responsible for the high school portion of the course.  Students wishing to withdraw from the course may do so by the published UTB/TSC deadline to withdraw.  Failing to withdraw from the course by that deadline, will result in a failing grade on the official college transcript.

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