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Doctoral dissertation titles of graduate

Norma Ibarra-Cantu (December 2010) : First Generation, Hispanic High School Students Going To College: Experiences That Support Decisions and College Going Pathways.  Dr. Audra Skukauskaite, Chair

Aidee Vasquez (December 2010): Avid Through Student Perspectives: A Qualitative Study on Avid Students' Experiences in the Program.  Dr. Audra Skukauskaite, Chair

Cynthia Wise Galvan (May 2011):  At-Risk Hispanic Students’ Perception Of Afterschool Programs: A New Model Targeting The Needs Of English Language Learners.  Dr. Roman Garcia De Alba, Co-Chair; Dr. Graciela Rosenberg, Co-Chair
María E. Díaz (May 2011):  A Case Study Of Spanish Language Use In A Texas Border Colonia.  Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb, Co-Chair; Dr. Patrick Smith, Co-Chair
Alicia Judith Bolt (May 2011): Academic And Social Aspects Of Recent Immigrant Children’s School Experiences In A Public Elementary School In A U.S.-Mexico Border Town In South Texas. Dr. Audra Skukauskaite, Chair

Mario A. Ferron (July 2011):  Educational Effects of Implementing a K-12 Dual Language Instruction Program in a Community With a High Percentage of Hispanics and Hispanic English Language Learners. Dr. Yvonne Freeman, Chair; Dr. David Freeman, Co-Chair

Mary Soto (December 2011):  The Effects of Teaching the Academic Language Arts to Secondary Long-Term English Learners.  Dr. Sandra Mercuri, Chair

William Roach (December 2011): Dropout Prevention: Factors Contributing to the Resiliency of At-Risk Hispanic Students and the Pursuit of a High School Diploma.  Dr. Yvonne Freeman, Chair

Joel S. Garza (May 2012): First Language Use of Adequate Formal Schooling Adult English Language Learners in a University English Language Institute.  Dr. David Freeman, Chair

Susana S. Saldivar (May 2012): Second Grade ELL's Emic Perspective of an Afterschool Reading Program: An Interactional Ethnographic Study of Reading Opportunities and Social Construction of Second Grade ELL's Read Alouds.  Dr. Audra Skukauskaite, Chair

Lori Wells (May 2012): Improving Academic Writing Skills Among Undergraduates at a Hispanic Serving University in South Texas with Cooperative Learning, Scaffolded Instruction, and Formative Feedback.  Dr. David Freeman, Chair

Melinda V. Lopez (May 2012): Investigating Elemenatry Teachers' Instructional Planning and Teaching Experiences with Long-Term English Learners: A Qualitative Study.  Dr. John Sutterby, Chair

Miriam Guerra (August 2012):  A Third Grade Bilingual Teacher's Knowledge and Practices for Developing Reading Comprehension.  Dr. Audra Skukauskaite, Chair

Angela Gonzalez (August 2012):  Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions Influencing Middle School Teachers' Decision Making in Planning Social Studies Instruction in a Hispanic Serving School.  Dr. Reynaldo Ramirez, Chair

Sandra Irma Rodriguez (December 2012):  The Effects of Labeling Hispanic English Language Learners as Learning Disabled.  Dr. Yvonne Freeman, Chair

Sandra Quiroz (April 2013):  A Case Study of Three Mathematics Teachers.  Dr. David Freeman, Chair 

Maria Eugenia Perez-Butron (May 2014): The Relationship Between Course Design, Sense of Community, and Student Achievement of Students in Online Courses.  Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil, Chair

Gabriela Rodriguez (August 2014): Examining the Perceptions of Trust between Principals and Teachers in Elementary Schools with High Student Academic Achievement.  Dr. Georgianna Duarte Chair; Dr. Juan O. Garcia, Co-Chair

Cynthia A. Lopez (December 2014): Stakeholders' Perceptions of Parental Involvement and Home-School Connections in a South Texas Border Town.  Dr. Peter B. Gawenda, Chair

Martin Rodriguez (May 2015): The Relationship Between Social Presence, Student Satisfaction and Academic Achievement in Fully Online Asynchronous Courses, Dr. Maria Elena Corbeil, Chair

Carolina Lopez (August 2015): Exploring English Language Learners' Identity Negotiation in a Sixth Grade English Language Arts Classroom, Dr. Sandra Musanti, Chair

Jaime Lopez (August 2015): Professional Learning Communities and School Culture: A Case of Study in District-Wide Implementation of a PLC, Dr. Jesus Abrego, Chair

Rosalinda Cobarrubias (August 2015): Latina Mothers' Expectations and Perceptions about a Dual Language Education in the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Alma Rodriguez, Chair

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