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Graduate Program Coordinators

There are, typically, two primary roles in graduate program administration: graduate faculty advising and graduate program curriculum development. Below is a list of the activities performed by each of these functions.

The following activities relate to the role of graduate faculty advisor:

  • Review and approve new applications for admission to the graduate program
  • Advising students in the creation of their Program of Study
  • Provide leadership for the recruiting of new graduate students for the program
  • Create program flyers and provide information to promote the graduate program
  • Serve as liaison with the Graduate Studies Office in the recruiting, admission, and advising of graduate students
  • Monitoring graduate student progress and following up as needed
  • Enforce graduate policies and graduate program requirements
  • Advising graduate students regarding their thesis, comprehensive exam, or other capstone experience
  • Reviewing graduate student applications for graduation

The following activities relate to the administration of graduate curriculum :

  • Supervise the department graduate curriculum committee
  • Consult and advise graduate program faculty regarding curriculum change and development
  • Consult and advise graduate faculty and students regarding graduate policies
  • Schedule department graduate curriculum committee meetings
  • Facilitate revision of the graduate program curriculum
  • Serve as liaison between the department graduate curriculum committee and the College/School curriculum committee and the Graduate Studies Office
  • Provide for the implementation of curriculum and policy changes
Graduate Program Graduate Coordinators E-mail Address
College of Business
M.B.A. Business Administration Dr. Edith Galy
College of Education
M.ED. in Bilingual Education Dr. Sandra Mercuri
M.ED. in Counseling and Guidance Dr. Eunice Lerma
M.ED. in Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Reynaldo Ramirez
​M.ED. in Curriculum and Instruction emphasis in Digital Literacy ​Dr. Kathy Bussert-Webb
M.ED. in Early Childhood Education Dr. Georgianna Duarte
M.ED. in Educational Leadership Dr. Jesus "Chuey" Abrego
M.ED. in Educational Technology Dr. Rene Corbeil
M.ED. in Special Education Dr. Steve Chamberlain
M.S. in Exercise Science Dr. Murat Karabalut
Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Peter Gawenda
College of Biomedical Sciences
and Health Professions
M.S. in Nursing Dr. Anne Rentfro
College of Liberal Arts
M.A. in English Dr. Christopher Carmona
M.A. in History Dr. David Fisher
M.A. in Psychology Dr. Bernardo de la Garza
M.A. in Spanish Dr. Elena Vega-Sampayo
M.A in Spanish Translation and Interpreting Dr. Jose Davila-Montes
M.A.I.S. Dr. William Yaworksy
M.M in Music Education Dr. Stephen Shoop
M.P.P.M. Dr. Terence Garrett
College of Science,
Mathematics & Technology
M.S./M.S.I.S. in Biology Dr. Richard Kline
M.S. in Mathematics Dr. Jerzy Mogilski
M.S. in Physics Dr. Karen Martirosyan
M.S./M.S.I.S. Computer Science Dr. Liyu Zhang

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