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Certified Public Manager Program


The following is a brief description of each CPM track. The specific content of each may vary with the needs of the participants. Course content is routinely revised to keep it current.

CPM Tracks

  1. Building A Superior Organization
    This track is designed to introduce concepts and techniques of modern management as they apply in the governmental and non-profit setting. It explains the basic design of governing systems, in both the public and non-profit sectors, and clarifies the roles of the different participants.  The course describes and illustrates modern management practices and techniques, manager/employee relationships,  personal styles, delegation, motivation, goal-setting, performance feedback, coaching and counseling. Emphasis is placed on organizational culture as essential in developing and maintaining a healthy, ethical, motivated and productive work climate.
  2. Leadership & Stewardship In The Public Sector
    This track distinguishes leadership from management.  It addresses the elements of excellent leadership, understanding, working in, and managing the authorizing environment, dealing with conflict, and sustaining the organization during crisis and change. It specifically details methods and techniques for maximizing the relevance, responsiveness, and productivity of the organization.
    This track also addresses the role of ethics and the meaning of stewardship in governing and public management: Accountability, transparency, participation, vision, and strategy.
  3. Thinking and Communicating Strategically
    This track examines thinking, analyzing, and deciding in uncertainty.  It explores risk tolerance and mitigation techniques.
    The track teaches the concepts, techniques, and best-practices of effective communication, including organizational information flow and feedback systems, explaining policy and issues to authorities and the public, presentations, persuasion, and dealing with crises.  This track includes memo writing, oral communication skills, and dealing with the press and media.
  4. All About Finance & Budgeting
    This track describes the structure and theory of public finance and budgeting for the non-accountant, but it also includes segments on understanding how the system actually works. You will learn how to deep read financial statements, common practices in working through and around budgets, and how a budget is built, approved, and implemented in 'the real world'.  Specifically discussed are how to deal with budget crises, re-organizations, and the unexpected.
  5. Managing for Effectiveness
    This track provides managers the opportunity to study and implement the management functions of strategic planning, implementing, and evaluating. Topics include: Identifying indicators, developing measures, bench-marking, and tools for policy analysis and program evaluation.  Best practices already at work in the nation are highlighted and discussed.  The importance of a customer sensitivity and outcomes focus are explored.
  6. A Systems Approach
    This track describes a systems approach to problem solving, where instead of resolving symptoms, causes are researched and new processes or procedures are implemented to avert all similar problems. It also surveys management information systems used in the public and non-profit sectors. Research method and resources are introduced. It surveys the uses of technology in modern management and governance.
  7. Practical Application: Putting CPM to use
    This capstone track provides a practical opportunity for applying your CPM learning to your or any organization.  Working individually and in groups, participants develop solutions or programs for actual local entities. In addition, a survey of useful skills is explored, including the science and art of public sector negotiations and mediations.

The preceding narrative describes the requirements, policies, and procedures, as well as the various outcomes possible within the framework of the Certified Public Manager training program, offered in Texas by the Institute for Public Service at The University of Texas at Brownsville. The Institute’s staff is happy to work with state and local governments to tailor a plan within this framework which best addresses their needs and goals in the area of management development training.

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