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The ideal outcome for the individual A Reflective & Highly Productive Practitioner who is:

A good, conscientious, and able steward for the common good.

Able to put knowledge into action: a flexible thinker capable of inductive and deductive reasoning and critical and creative thinking; a strategic causer of change.

Able to engage in and facilitate organizational learning; willing to take the initiative and find new ways of doing things; committed to continuous improvement.

Committed to the development of the organization as a constant, reliable, relevant and effective unit that positively impacts the quality of life in our society.

Able to analyze, understand and question the assumptions of the larger organization and suggest alternatives for organizational action or design.

Centered and self- aware of personal style and at the same time respectful of the strengths and styles of others and willing to work to integrate their interests and abilities with organizational purposes.

Continuing lifelong learning, able to plan for multiple career paths and committed to personal growth and development and that of others.

Tolerant and comfortable in ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty and, as a result, capable of anticipating, surviving, and shaping change in organizations.

Primarily motivated by intrinsic rewards: service to others, the nature of the work, the satisfaction derived from achievement, and opportunities to develop high capacity in a career of public management.

Aware of societal trends and challenged to address the resulting organizational issues.

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