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BSN Academic Progression and Retention Policy

A. BSN Academic Progression

To progress through the program in the published sequence, the BSN student must maintain:

  1. A grade of “C” (75) or higher in each course to be in good standing with the BSN Program.
  2. A full or part time course load.

    1. Full time students = 16 credit hours per semester over two semesters.
    2. Part time students = 8 credit hours per semester over four semesters.
  3. An updated Plan of Study each semester.
  4. Current registered nurse licensure.
  5. Current CPR certification.
  6. Current immunizations.
  7. Current with UTB graduation application deadlines.

Students are expected to complete coursework within three years of admission into the BSN Program.

B. BSN Academic Retention

The BSN student must comply with the following to stay in the program:

  1. Students must maintain contact with their assigned faculty advisor every semester for advice on progression and changes in the Plan of Study. Discussions with the advisor are encouraged about concerns that effect retention in the program.
  2. Students who do not maintain a “C”(75) grade or higher in each course are placed on probationary status in the BSN Program.

    1. Probationary students must participate in the “Early Alert” support system while on probationary status.
    2. A “C”(75) grade or higher must be earned in the failed course before a probationary student may take other courses.
  3. A student who fails two BSN courses will be dropped from the BSN program with a “not in good standing” status.
  4. A student who withdraws from the program in “good standing” may apply for re-admission to the BSN Program.
  5. A student re-admitted more than three years following the last completed semester will enter on the BSN Degree Plan in effect at re-admission.



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