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Health & Human Performance

Kinesiology Department: Majors/Minors Guidebook


Kinesiology Department: Majors/Minors Guidebook
Marcia J. Barrett and Judith D. Walton

This booklet is intended to acquaint the prospective health and human performance major or minor with the information necessary to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree at UTB/TSC. It contains both departmental and School of Education rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Brownsville: UTB/TSC Health and Human Performance Department. It is available free of charge from the department secretary, (956) 882-8290.

Walton is a professor emeritus in the Health and Human Performance Department.

Barrett is a retired field-based teaching specialist in the Health and Human Performance Department.


Jim Lemons and Judith D. Walton

Former UTB/TSC physical education professor Werner Steinbach invented pington, a racquet sport similar to badminton, in the 1960s. But the sport lacked a textbook until Kinesiology Department (now the Health and Human Performance Department) faculty members Jim Lemons and Judith D. Walton formalized the rules of the game in print. In pington, athletes learn how to play this fast-paced game, which takes place on a badminton court and is played in singles, doubles and mixed doubles with special, locally made paddles. The text explains why pington rallies (played with a higher net than is used in badminton) tend to last longer and why a game of pington provides a better aerobic workout than less-demanding racquet sports.

Brownsville: UTB/TSC, 1994 (Soft cover, $8.95). Profits benefit Werner P. Steinbach Scholarship Fund. Available at UTB/TSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore, (956) 882-8249.

Lemons is a retired associate professor, and Walton is a professor emeritus, both in the Health and Human Performance Department.


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