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Last Trumpet: A History of the English Slide Trumpet


The Last TrumpetThe Last Trumpet: A History of the English Slide Trumpet
Art Brownlow

The nineteenth century English slide trumpet was the last instrument with the traditional sound of the old classic trumpet. It was essentially a natural trumpet to which had been added a moveable slide with a return mechanism. It was England’s standard orchestral trumpet, despite the dominance of natural and, ultimately, valued instruments elsewhere, and it remained in use by leading English players until the last years of the century. Art Brownlow’s study is a new and thorough assessment of the slide trumpet. It is the first comprehensive examination of the orchestral, ensemble and solo literature written for this instrument.

Stuyvesant, New York: Pendragon Press, 1996 (Hard cover, $54). Available from the publisher's website, (518) 828-3008, and at the UTB/TSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore, (956) 882-8249.

Brownlow is a professor in the Fine Arts Department.


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