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El Cielo: The Enchanted Mountain


El Cielo: The Enchanted MontainEl Cielo: The Enchanted Mountain

This is a CD of music by John C. Hunter Jr. interwoven with a collection of sounds from nature as recorded by John Arvin, Robert Bocking, Will Carter and Greg Lasley. The cover photo is by Jim Bones, and other photos are by John Bax. This journey in sound is set in Northern Mexico at the foot of the eastern escarpment of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains. The trek from the lowlands to the highlands promises an experience of natural sounds few other places in the world can orchestrate. F.P. Bennett Jr. served as a consultant on the disc.

Toronto, Canada: Produced by Robert Bocking Productions, Ltd. for Gorgas Science Foundation, 1995, 61:38 total time, $12. Available at the Gorgas Science Foundation, (800) 210-7128. Also available at the UTB/TSC Barnes & Noble Bookstore, (956) 882-8249.


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