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Peer advisors

Peer advising in the STEM Learning Communities

The STEM Learning Community Peer advisors undergo ongoing training in topics addressing interpersonal communication, collaboration with faculty and staff, referrals and follow-ups, and peer advisor roles and responsibilities. This enables our peer advisors to intervene early and effectively when our learning community students encounter obstacles to their success. All peer advisors are assigned to a specific learning community where they inform the students about current activities at the university and assist the tutors with class activities and attendance.

Chosen for their leadership, academic records, and caring skills, our peer advisors are matched with small groups of learning community students based on mutual interests. Peer advisors meet with students on a weekly basis throughout the semester, individually or in groups, to provide developmentally appropriate guidance, assistance, and a listening ear. Some peer advisors also hold leadership positions in our student committees and in various UTB/TSC student organizations, which facilitates their students’ active involvement in college life.

Peer advisor Responsibilities
STEM Learning Community Peer advisors are expected to:

  • Provide learning community students with information and available resources
  • Initiate and maintain regular weekly contact with their students starting in the first week of classes and extending into finals week. This contact can occur individually or in groups.
  • Follow up on and reschedule missed appointments as soon as possible.
  • Inform their students of their contact information and availability.
  • Make referrals to campus and community resources as needed.
  • Immediately inform the Title V counselor, Student Support Service Coordinator, and/or Activity Director of students in crisis.
  • Attend all Title V trainings and staff meetings.
  • Serve in leadership positions in Title V student committees or UTB/TSC student organizations.
  • Keep complete and timely records of advising meetings and hours using the Title V online forms.
  • Visit their students’ learning community classes and supplemental instruction sessions to stay informed about their students’ learning experiences.

Student Responsibilities
Students in the STEM Learning Communities are expected to:

  • Reply to calls, emails, or other contacts from their peer advisor in a timely manner.
  • Inform their peer advisor immediately if they need to reschedule advising meetings or if they cannot attend a group meeting.
  • Attend weekly group or individual advising meetings from the first week of classes through finals week.
  • Actively participate in meetings, activities, and other opportunities presented by the peer advisor.
  • Inform their peer advisor of any obstacles they may encounter throughout the semester.
  • Follow referrals to campus and/or community resources given by the peer advisor, and report back to the peer advisor on the outcome.

Tutor/Peer Advisor Development Flowchart :

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