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Tips for Quitting Smoking

Stay away from people and places where you are tempted to smoke. Later on you will be able to handle these with more confidence.

Change your habits, such as switching to fresh orange juice instead of coffee, driving a different route to work or taking a brisk walk instead of a coffee break.

Substitute a cigarette for something else in your mouth, such as sugarless gum or hard candy, raw vegetables such as carrot sticks or sunflower seeds. Some people chew on a coffee stirrer or a straw.

Reduce your stress by exercising or working on hobbies that keep your hands busy, such as needlework or woodworking.

Breathe deeply and picture your lungs filling with fresh, clean air. Remind yourself of your reasons for quitting and the benefits you'll gain as an ex-smoker.

Sniff your hair and your clothes and notice how delightfully clean they smell compared to being smoky.

Delay lighting up, if you get the urge. Tell yourself you must wait at least 10 minutes. Often, this simple trick will allow you to move beyond the strong urge to smoke.

Reward yourself with a treat using the money you would have spent on cigarettes. It can be a weekly treat or save up for a major purchase or trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Source: American Cancer Society

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