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$100,000 and above Ms. Linda Wilkinson and Mr. Mark Lee Adleman​ Law Office of Benigno (Trey) Martinez, PLLC
Brownsville Foundation for Health and Education Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Gilberto Leal
Greater Texas Foundation $100- $999 Mr. Omar J. Leal
Onestar Foundation Dr. Russell P. Adams Dr. Sylvia A. Leal
Stars Scholarship Fund​ All Star Metals, L.L.C. Levittown-Fairless Hills Rotary
The Meadows Foundation Dr. Janna L. and Mr. Douglas J. Arney Mr. Charles Lewis III
$50,000 - $99,999 Mr. George J. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Long
Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Mr. Newell W. Atkinson III Ms. Beatrice Lopez
Keppel AmFELS, L.L.C. Mr. Anubis Avalos Dr. Daniel Lorenzo
RGK Foundation Mr. Exiquio R. Balboa Dr. Steve Lovett
Sid W. Richardson Foundation Ms. Rachael Ballesteros Mrs. Beatriz Loya
The Blanca and Filemón Vela Family Fund Dr. Gaurango Banerjee Mr. Robert C. Lozano
The Welch Foundation Mr. John Bass Luke Fruia Motors
$25,000 - $49,999 Mr. Robert Bass Mr. Omar Macadar Cirillo
Mr. Rudy de la Garza Mrs. Elvia P. Beaman Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Macleod
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben H. Edelstein Begley, Carlin and Mangio, L.L.P. Mr. David Mariscal
HEB Ms. Gloria C. Benavides Dr. Hans Mark
Klesse Foundation Dr. Jude and Mrs. Annemarie Benavides Ms. Estela Martinez
JP Morgan Chase Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Bennett Dr. Javier A. Martinez
Stripes Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee Mrs. Rosemary R. Martinez
$10,000 - $24,999 Dr. Cristina Bertolotto Mary Mother of the Church
Dr. Guy Bailey Biomedical Solutions, Inc. Dr. Zelma D. Mata
BBVA Compass Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Blanton Mr. and Ms. Vernon Mathew
Mrs. Arlene K. Binder Bob Richardson and Associates, Inc. Mr. Michael Max
Mr. Jerald P. Brunker Mr. Frank N. Boggus Mr. and Mrs. Garth Mcadoo
Burton McCumber & Cortez, L.L.P. Dr. Mikhail Bouniav Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. McCauley
Cesar Chavez Foundation Branscomb | PC Mrs. Mary E. McClymont
Coca-Cola Capt. Eva Bratschi Ms. Mary E. McDermott
Mr. William Steven de la Garza Mr. and Mrs. Julius “Rusty” W. Brechot Mr. Juan Mendez
Mr. and Mrs. Irvine W. Downing Mr. and Mrs. Cleve T. Breedlove Prof. Miguel A. Méndez
Frost Bank Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Britten Dr. Eduardo R. Migliaro
Gastroenterology Consultants of South Texas, PA Mr. and Mrs. Floyd I. Brown Mr. and Mrs. James R. Miller
The Hon. and Mrs. Ruben Hinojosa Mr. and Mrs. James F. Brown Mission Regional Medical Center
Mr. Robert J. Katusak Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd E. Brown Dr. Joyce Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Krause Brownsville Associates in Neonatology Mrs. Karla Mongeon-Stewart
Public Welfare Foundation Brownsville Coffee Shop #2, Inc. Ms. Mari D. Montelongo
SpawGlass Foundation Brownsville Dental Associates Dr. and Mrs. Jared Montoya
Susser Holding II, L.P. Brownsville Navigation District Dr. Bobbette M. Morgan
The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Buchanan Capt. Patrick Murphy
Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Joanna F. Burgess Naples Investment Company X, L.L.C.
The Long Foundation Dr. Kathy M. Bussert-Webb Mr. Eugene Novogrodsky
UTB Staff Senate Mr. Jose A. Campos Mr. and Mrs. David G. Oliveira
Valley Baptist Health System Mrs. Ethel K. Cantu Dr. Alla D. Paroiatnikova
Valley Baptist Legacy Foundation Mr. John C. Cantu Dr. Paulette T. Parson
Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville Ms. Lisa Capistran Ms. Carmen V. Pashos
$5,000 - $9,999 Dr. Angel Caputi Dr. Christine Pedroarena
Cardenas Development Co., Inc. Ms. Laura D. Cardenas Ms. Val L. Peisen
Dr. Juliet V. and Mr. Oscar E. García Dr. Pablo Castillo Mr. and Mrs. Jorge F. Pena
Hermes Music Foundation Ms. Patricia A. Celaya Dr. Sylvia Cavazos Pena
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Olson Mrs. Emma A. Cerbin-Garcia Mr. Gustavo J. Peña Jr.
Rancho Viejo Resort & Country Club Dr. Steve Chamberlain Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pennington
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto B. Robles The Hon. Melchor Chavez Dr. Alberto Pereda
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Shepard Cita’s Boutique Dr. George Perry
Dr. Eloisa G. Taméz Mr. and Mrs. Sam D. Coats Ms. Noralee C. Pope
Wells Fargo Foundation Colvin, Chaney, Saenz & Rodriguez, L.L.P. Dr. Inés Pose
$1,000 - $4,999 Mr. Seth M. Colwell Dr. Angelika H. Potempa
Airtech Mr. Peter R. Coneway Mr. and Mrs. Larry Putegnat
Ambiotec Civil Engineering Group, Inc. Country Casuals Dr. and Mrs. Michael O. Quantz
Amigo Consultants, Inc. Dr. Leland Coxe Dr. Ruth Ann and Mr. Fred A. Ragland
Dr. and Mrs. Alan F. J. Artibise Ms. Cleo Crimmins Mr. Stan C. Raines
Mr. and Mrs. Lance A. Binder Capt. Richard Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Neil K. Rasmussen
Mrs. Mary Brown Dr. Mary G. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Reed Jr.
Brownsville Economic Development Council Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dameron Dr. Anne R. and Mr. Daniel L. Rentfro
Brownsville Kiddie Health Center Ms. Cynthia Davila Rentfro Law Firm
Brownsville Public Utilities Board Mr. and Mrs. David Q. Day Rio Grande Valley Abstract Co. Inc.
Mr. Juan J. Burgos Ms. Maria Luisa de la Cerda Rohde Rio Grande Valley Sugar Growers, Inc.
California Institute of Technology Mr. Abel de la Garza Dr. Tara R. Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Renato E. Cardenas Mr. Cristobal A. Delgado Ms. Sally K. Roach
City of Brownsville Dr. Marguerite DeWitt Mr. John S. Robey
Codysur Trucks, Inc. Diocese of Brownsville Ms. Maria E. Rodriguez
Consulting Point, Inc. Dr. Diana V. Dominguez Mrs. Norma E. Rodriguez
Datalogic Software, Inc Ms. Dorothy H. Dymit Dr. Luis A. Rodriguez-Abad
Ms. Yolanda De la Riva Dr. Hassanali Espahbodi Dr. and Mrs. John Ronnau
Mrs. Martie DiGregorio Mr. Robert A. Estrada Royston, Rayzor, Vickery and Williams L.L.P.
Ms. Christie L. Esparza Mr. Donald L. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Mauro T. Ruiz
Estrada Hinojosa & Company, Inc. Mrs. Elizabeth L. Everson Mr. Miguel A. Ruiz
Falcon International Bank Executive Designs Mr. Rene Ruiz
First Community Bank Dr. Julio Facelli Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rurangirwa
Mr. Scott D. Friedman Mrs. and Mr. Charlotte W. Fant Mr. Gordon W. Russell
Ms. Nurith Galonsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Farris Mrs. Cindy Saldivar
Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. Gawenda Mrs. Norma W. Ferguson Ms. Maureen A. Sanderson
Dr. Clair Goldsmith Ms. Letty Fernandez Mr. and Mrs. Ken E. Schaefer II
Guadalupe Regional Middle School Ms. Laura P. Fincher Ms. Dorothy Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Argüelles Gutierrez Mr. John T. Flood Sea Ranch Marina II at Southpoint
Mr. Les and Dr. Nikkie Hodgson Ms. Georgina Flores Ms. Mary E. Seitz
Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Floyd Ms. Lauran Serafy
Ms. Laurie M. Howell Ford Foundation Mr. Ernesto S. Silva
International Bank of Commerce Dr. Diamantina G. and Dr. James A. Freeberg Dr. M. Alma Solis
Kenmont Mr. and Mrs. David P. Freeth South Texas Chorale
Mrs. Nghi Kroll Ms. Kathryn Fuller Southwest Airlines
L&F Distributors, L.L.C. Gap Foundation Spawglass Contractors, Inc.
Dr. Charles W. Lackey Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A. Garcia St. Mary’s Catholic School
Lone Star National Bank Mr. Juan O. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stephenson
Long Chilton L.L.P. Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo G. Garza Jr. Dr. Yvonne A. Sudarshan
Louie’s Backyard Restaurant, Inc. Mrs. Joanne Gilmore Dr. and Mrs. James B. Sullivan
Ms. Georgiana M. Matz Mr. Carlos G. Gomez Prof. Mario Svirsky
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller Ms. Angie J. Gonzalez Dr. Margo Tamez
Neal & Lourdes Simmons Foundation Ms. Dora A. Gonzalez Ms. Cheryl A. Taylor
The Hon. Rene O. Oliveira Mr. Tomas G. Guajardo Tenaska, Inc.
Mrs. and Mr. Maria C. Ortega Ms. Graciela Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. Rick H. Teter
Mr. Barry Patel The Hon. and Mrs. Andrew Hanen The Pearl on South Padre Island
Mr. Ruben R. Pena Dr. Deborah Hartley The Rollins M. & Amalie L. Koppel Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Alberto J. Peña Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Harwood The Tipsy Canvas - Brownsville
Port of Brownsville Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Havel Dr. and Mrs. Peter K. Thompson
Dr. Richard H. Price and Mrs. Betsy Price Dr. Elizabeth Heise Mr. and Mrs. Terry L. Tomlin
Professional Women Speak Ms. Gloria M. Hernandez Mr. Sergio Trevino
Mr. Ben Reyna Mr. Ralph Hernandez Ms. Juanita M. Urbano
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Ridolfi Hon. Gilberto Hinojosa Dr. Sue Zanne and Mr. Richard J. Urbis
Rio Grande Valley Partnership Foundation Dr. Joaquin Hoffer Ms. Cristina Valdez
Rio Grande Valley Science Association Holiday Inn Express Valley Lubricants, Inc.
Ms. Margaret A. Rubi Mr. Daniel Hopkins Valley Trucking Co., Inc.
Security Service Federal Credit Union Island Services Ms. Peggy Vassberg
Sembradores Unidos Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Jaross Mr. and Mrs. Manuel M. Vela
Senator Eddie Lucio Campaign Jason’s Deli Mr. Thomas C. Washmon
Sierra Title Company of Cameron & Willacy Counties Jones Liquor, L.T.D. Dr. Ben Wasike
Dr. Hilda Silva Ms. Rose M. Jordan † Mr. Louis L. Webre
Sonic Restaurants, Inc. Ms. Celia Juarez Ms. Beth Williamson
Mr. Alexander D. Stillman Ms. Ramona Kantack Ms. Margaret Jane Williamson-McCumber
Mr. Charles L. Sweeney Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Milo E. Kearney Dr. Jeffrey G. Wilson
Ms. Ellen C. Temple Mrs. Nana K. Kendall Dr. Marilyn J. Woods
Texas Industries Riverside Cement Dr. and Mrs. Philip W. Kendall Dr. Jack Yamuy
Mr. and Mrs. Jim H. Tipton Ms. Alison D. Kennamer Your College Dream L.L.C.
Tipton Motors Ms. Lillian Kim Dr. Selma D. Yznaga
Mr. Eddie Trevino Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John King Ms. Denise A. Zamora
Mr. and Mrs. Tudor G. Uhlhorn Ms. Jane A. Kline Ziwa Corporation
United Launch Alliance Dr. Anthony K. Knopp Zoe Flowers & Design
Verizon Foundation Dr. Mark J. Kroll


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