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​Year of the Alumni

Early this year, Dr. Juliet V. García declared 2014 to be the “Year of the Alumni.”

“Alumni are the foundation of a university, representing us as role models in the community, the state and beyond,” García said. “We established 2014 as the Year of the Alumni to celebrate their many achievements.”

In April, a series of 12 posters featuring alumni was unveiled at a festive ceremony with family members in attendance. Highlighting UTB graduates who are actively working in their chosen career fields, the inspirational posters have been hung in the main corridor of Sabal Hall, where they promote the important contributions alumni make to the university and the community.

Alexis Clynes, Alumni Board Treasurer and an accountant at Hales Bradford, LLP in Brownsville and a CPA examination candidate, said the Alumni Board has identified several points – above and beyond fundraising – that it wants to focus on over the next year.

“One goal our board has set is to encourage alumni members to mentor current students,” said Clynes (pictured left, with her poster and Ozzie), who has received three degrees from UTB – two undergraduate (business administration and accounting) and her M.B.A. “Another is to increase student internship opportunities by having our alumni support establishing internships at their places of business.”


Alumni: Stay up-to-date on career and networking opportunities. Visit the UTB Alumni Association web page and register online at
UTB Alumni Association Officers
President: Teri Alarcon
Vice President: Bea Lopez-Juarez
Secretary: Manny Chacon
Treasurer: Alexis Clynes
Save the Date - Celebracion recognizing our alumni's achievements and bidding farewell to Dr. Garcia - 7:30pm Thursday August 28 2014 El gran pAtio at Main
 Teri, Alarcon, Alumni Association President, gave the keynote address at the Winter 2013 Commencement.​​​
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