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National Hispanic Business Association

NHBA is dedicated to helping Hispanic undergraduate business students develop the real-world skills and associations needed to launch successful professional careers.

In order to accomplish our mission, we strive to build and sustain an ample and varied set of business connections at the regional and international levels. We strive to attend the highest number of conferences possible pertaining to our association in order to take advantage of the opportunity to network with business people from worldwide corporations, as well as professionals from other universities, with the express purpose of acquiring real-life knowledge regarding current demands in the field, while also maintaining unity of networking.  Our main goal is to prepare undergraduates so that they may excel in real-life situations, and always expect and successfully deal with the unexpected. By inviting a number of professionals from various areas of business to provide detailed information about the nature of their careers and their occupation during our daily special meetings, we strive to contribute to the accomplishment of these goals.

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