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Incident Report - Environmental Health & Safety

Incident reports are submitted when someone is injured on campus or at an off-campus University-sponsored event. Incident reports should also be submitted if a hazardous situation exists on campus, such as broken glass or a downed power line.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety uses incident reports to identify accident trends, determine the effectiveness of current safety programs, and prevent future accidents.

If an incident report is needed, Campus Police must be notified immediately, so they may file a report. If the incident involved a hazardous condition, Campus Police will forward a copy of the report to Environmental Health & Safety and Physical Plant. This procedure applies to employees, students, and visitors.

Injured employees must also notify their supervisor of an incident immediately. The supervisor must complete an On-The-Job Injury Report. (Check the workers’ compensation page for more details.) The Office of Human Resources will forward the report to Environmental Health & Safety.

Students may seek medical attention at Student Health Services. While there, students have the option of filling out an incident report.

For more information, see the Resources section or contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office at 956-882-5930.

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