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Sick Leave Pool

The sick leave pool serves as additional sick leave hours for benefits-eligible employees who have exhausted all paid leave earned due to a catastrophic illness or injury afflicting them or a member of their immediate family.

The sick leave pool is created by employees who voluntarily transfer their earned sick leave to the pool.


An employee is eligible to make a request when all of the following conditions are satisfied:

  • Employee or member of his/her immediate family has a severe condition or combination of conditions affecting the mental or physical health of an employee or the employee's immediate family that requires the services of a licensed practitioner for a prolonged period of time,
  • Employee has exhausted all available accrued leave hours including sick, vacation and compensatory time,
  • Employee has NOT exhausted the maximum amount of sick leave pool hours allowed per catastrophic illness or injury, and
  • Employee’s condition is not an on-the-job injury covered by worker’s compensation insurance.

Employees awarded sick leave pool hours are eligible for up to the lesser of 720 hours (90 days) per condition or 1/3 of the sick leave pool balance.

Procedure to Request Sick Leave Pool Hours

Complete an Application for Sick Leave Pool and the attached Licensed Practitioner Statement and submit it in person or via fax to the Office of Human Resources to 956-882-3803 at least two weeks before the hours are needed or as soon as possible after the need arises. The employee must notify his/her supervisor when requesting hours.

The Sick Leave Pool administrator will approve or deny the application within 10 working days after receipt. The administrator will notify the employee and his/her supervisor of hours granted/denied at that time.

Pending Requests

Employees who have exhausted all accrued and available leave time must be placed on Leave Without Pay pending the decision of the Sick Leave Pool administrator.

Use of Sick Leave Pool Hours

An employee may use awarded sick leave pool hours in the same manner as earned sick leave and will be entitled to the same benefits.

During their absence, employees must submit Absence Reports, which will be recorded on their timesheets. Employees will receive a paycheck in the same manner as when using accrued sick leave. When an employee returns to duty, any unused hours revert to the sick leave pool.

Donation of Hours

To donate hours to the sick leave pool, complete a Sick Leave Pool Donation Form and submit it to the Office of Human Resources in person or via fax at 956-882-3803.

Employees may contribute an unlimited number of accrued sick leave hours to the pool provided that:

  • Contributions to the pool are in units of eight hours.
  • An employee donates no more than three units during each fiscal year.
  • The contribution will not cause the donor’s sick leave balance to drop below 50 hours.

Note: Employees may check their sick leave balance by logging on to PeopleSoft or calling the Office of Human Resources.

Sick leave pool contributions may not be designated for the use of a specific person.

Employees terminating employment or retiring may donate their entire accrued sick leave balance. Employees should consider they will be eligible to have their sick balances transferred to their new place of employment, if they return to state employment within a year of termination/retirement. If the sick leave balance was previously donated, it cannot be restored.

For more information, see the policies in the Resources section or contact the Office of Human Resources at 956-882-8205.

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