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Our Campus Safe Environment

The safety and welfare of students, faculty and staff have always been the UTB administration’s highest priority. In fact, our community university campus ranks among the safest in the state and in the country.

The unique location of UTB on the United States-Mexico border is regarded as an advantage and an asset. Over the generations, an atmosphere of mutual trust and civic engagement has been fostered between Brownsville and its sister city, Matamoros.

The Brownsville community, campus administration and campus law enforcement take a proactive approach to security, monitoring safety issues on both sides of the border. Campus police and top-level personnel regularly participate in training with local, state and national law enforcement agencies to ensure the security of the campus and the surrounding community.

Visitors inevitably remark on the beautiful, semi-tropical surroundings of UTB's Campus. This attractive landscape creates a pleasant backdrop for a comfortable and safe learning environment.

Feel unsafe on campus?
Ask for a security escort at 956-882-2222 anytime day or night.

Our Current Safety and Security Initiatives and Reports

Emergency Preparedness - What We Have in Place to be Safe Security and Fire Safety Annual Report (UTB and TSC)UTB Campus Daily Crime Logs City of Brownsville Annual Crime Report

Emergency Contact:
Campus Police

9-911 (UTB phone)
911 (by cell phone)

Emergency Planning, Communication and Personal Safety - Presentation

Quick Tips for Safety

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