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Current business and management book summaries are available for listening on a CD player or computer. The following book summaries are available in CD format only. At this time, these CDs are available for check-out to administrators only – department directors, chairs, deans, and members of the Provost Council.

To request a CD for check out, contact the Office of Human Resources at 882-8205. The following rules apply when checking out a CD:

  • A phone call or email from the requestor to the Office of Human Resources is required to check out a CD
  • The CD will be delivered directly to the requestor
  • Only one CD at a time per requestor can be checked out
  • A CD can be kept for up to 2 weeks
  • The CD must be returned directly to the Office of Human Resources

Each monthly CD contains three book summaries. When making a request, please indicate which monthly disk you would like to check out. The following CDs are available:

September 2011


By Dr. Frank Luntz
Winners have common traits. Luntz identifies nine action-oriented principles of winning that can be practiced, and when mastered, will help you win in the workplace and in the marketplace. Just add your own style and objectives.

The Steve Jobs Way

By Jay Elliot with William Simon
Elliot, former senior vice president of Apple Computer, offers a close-up view of Steve Jobs’ unique leadership style, including elements of team building and running product development meetings, as well as a chance to get to know Jobs as a real person through the stories that Elliot shares.

Full Engagement!

By Brian Tracy
Learn what you can do to inspire average performers to reach for peak performance. Tracy offers ideas on how to create a peak performance work environment and ignite individual motivation. As a manager, your responsibility is to get results. Tracy shows you how.

August 2011


By Guy Kawasaki
Delighting people with a product, service, organization or idea is what defines enchantment. This powerful skill can be used to transform situations and relationships. Kawasaki explains all the strategies you need to start changing hearts, minds and actions.

Stop Workplace Drama

By Marlene Chism
Learn how to change the way you and your organization confront and work through problems. Chism guides you to solutions that can help you train your team to have no complaints, no excuses and no regrets, including an eight-step method that can break through the negative thinking that can contribute to drama in any organization.

Fierce Leadership

By Susan Scott
Corporate training expert Susan Scott challenges business best practices and suggests new approaches to replace six ingrained behaviors that involve everything from employee feedback to corporate diversity to customer relations. Her fresh and surprising alternatives will re-energize leaders, employees and managers alike.

July 2011

Disciplined Dreaming

By Josh Linkner
Leaders at all levels will benefit from Linkner’s system to develop and grow creativity that can be used to inspire profitable new ideas, empower employees and sustain competitive advantage. Linkner provides an easy five-step process: Ask Prepare, Discover, Ignite and Launch to help unleash creativity.

What’s holding you back?

By Robert J. Herbold
Managers can learn 10 fundamental principles that will enable them to recognize what needs to be done and to cultivate the confidence to assume the leadership to make it happen. Taking action will earn you respect and also the courage to face tough decisions to achieve operational excellence.

Eat People

By Andy Kessler
As a stock analyst, investment banker, venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, Kessler has learned 12 – often controversial – rules about launching and growing a business. Part of his advice is to find a business that scales over a long period of time: something where the price goes down and the demand goes up – and you’ll find wealth.

June 2011

Flash Foresight

By Daniel Burrus with John David Mann
Learn seven radical flash foresight “triggers” that can enable you to see the invisible and do the impossible to stimulate innovation and positive change within your business.

The Power of Professionalism

By Bill Wiersma
Developing professionalism within an organization builds trust, the foundation for both personal and organizational success. Wiersma outlines the seven key mind-sets of trusted professionals and details what it takes to foster a culture of professionalism.

Change by Design

By Tim Brown
This introduction to design thinking offers a way to look at how we use spaces, and the objects and services that occupy them. It makes it easier to discover patterns, pull fragments together and transform problems into opportunities. It is a method of thinking that can create meaningful change in a business.

May 2011

Change the Culture, Change the Game

By Roger Connors and Tom Smith
When you base culture change and accountability and adopt a process designed to produce your desired results, you gain competitive advantage and the tools to sustain it. Roger Connors and Tom Smith show you how to do it.

Tough Calls from the Corner Office

By Harlan Steinbaum
Former CEO Harlan Steinbaum, inspired by his own “tough call,” gathers similar kinds of defining moments from other company leaders resulting in helpful insights into making tough decisions when they are needed, taking the risk and living with the results.

Bury My Heart at Conference Room B

By Stan Slap
The best corporate revenues will be achieved as a result of your manager’s commitment to themselves. Stan Slap introduces a management solution that helps companies get emotional commitment from their managers on a sustained, self-reinforced basis. Emotional Commitment comes from the ability to live your personal values at work and then use them to achieve success.

April 2011

You Already Know How to Be Great

By Alan Fine with Rebecca Merrill
This executive book summary of You Already Know How to Be Great offers a bold new approach to performance by one of the top coaches in the country. Alan Fine, an accomplished tennis, golf, and executive coach and a renowned authority on peak performance, has found the biggest obstacle to improved performance isn't “not knowing” what to do; it's “not doing” what you already know. Fine reveals his simple and proven approach to achieving breakthrough performance through an amazing process called G.R.O.W. (Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward).

Real-Time Marketing & PR

By David Meerman Scott
In this eye-opening follow-up to The New Rules of Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott reveals the proven, practical steps to take your business into the real-time era. Find out how to act and react flexibly as events occur, position your brand in the always-on world of the Web, and avoid embarrassing mistakes and missteps in this executive book summary of Real-Time Marketing & PR.

The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan

By George B. Bradt, Jayme A. Check, and Jorge E. Pedraza
Moving into a new leadership position is one of the toughest challenges an executive can face. Whether you're a veteran leader taking over a new organization or a novice moving into your first leadership role, this practical guide will help you manage your leadership transition so you can take charge, build your team, and deliver results. This executive book summary of the second edition of The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan presents proven solutions and cutting-edge techniques for getting started successfully in your new role.

March 2011


By Nancy Duarte
In this executive book summary of Nancy Duarte's bestselling book Resonate; you will learn how to transform any presentation into an engaging journey by leveraging techniques normally reserved for cinema and literature. You will discover how to understand your audience, create persuasive content and elicit a groundswell response.


By Jeffrey Pfeffer
Jeffrey Pfeffer, one of the greatest minds in management theory, reveals how to succeed and wield power in the real world. This executive summary of his latest book, Power, is a groundbreaking guide that reveals the strategies and tactics that separate the winners from the losers.

How Companies Win

By Rick Kash and David Calhoun
With the recent global recession, the world economy has changed forever. The old tools — most notably supply-chain management — are no longer enough. The new challenge is to locate and capture the elusive pools of high-profit demand. In this executive summary of How Companies Win, Rick Kash and David Calhoun have the answer: a revolutionary, demand-driven model that has already proved successful for some of the world's most admired companies.

January 2011


By Paul Sullivan
Do you choke under pressure, or are you "clutch"? In this executive book summary of Paul Sullivan's book “Clutch”; you will learn how to successfully perform under extraordinary pressure.


By Liz Wiseman with Greg McKeown
Are you a genius or a genius maker? A diminisher or a multiplier? In this executive book summary, you will learn the difference between these two leadership styles, how to become a multiplier of talent and people and how multiplying can have a resoundingly positive and profitable effect on your organization.


By Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams
In this follow up to their 2007 bestseller, Wikinomics, Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams once again use original research to provide new examples of organizations that are successfully embracing the principles of wikinomics to change the world. Find out how in this executive book summary of Macrowikonomics.

December 2010

The Truth About Leadership

By James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner
Leadership experts James Kouzes and Barry Posner share 10 time-tested fundamental truths about leadership and becoming an effective leader. These principles can be especially valuable to both new leaders and experienced leaders in transition.

The New Experts

By Robert H. Bloom
Customers no longer care where or from whom they buy, which puts buyers in control of the entire purchase progression. Business strategy expert Robert Bloom identifies four decisive customer moments as part of a customer-centric solution in order to think like a buyer, deliver the benefits buyers want and ultimately achieve profitable growth.

It’s Your Ship

By Captain D. Michael Abrashoff
Some unique insight into hands-on management comes from Captain D. Michael Abrashoff who shares his experiences commanding a guided missile destroyer. While the ship's systems and technologies were cutting-edge, many of the practices and protocols were outdated and inefficient. Abrashoff's primary focus to make his warship more effective was getting the most from his crew.

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