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The following are the procedures for processing contracts at UTB:

Step 1 - Refer to UTS145 – Processing of Contracts and the accompanying Contract Processing Flowchart for an overview of the procedures and regulations for processing contracts at the University.

Step 2 - Follow the appropriate procedure listed below depending on the type of contract needing review:

Standard Form Contract

Standard form contracts are forms that have been approved by the Board of Regents or the UT System Office of General Counsel (OGC) pursuant to UT System Policy UTS145 and are available for use by any UT institution. Using a standard contract form will expedite the review and approval process since OGC review is unnecessary unless substantive changes have been made to the form. If using a standard contract form, submit the contract along with UTB’s Information Submission Form to the Office of the Vice President for Business Affairs (VPBA) for review and approval. See the Resources section of this procedure for a list of standard form contracts.

Non-Standard Form Contract

Review the contract using OGC’s General Procedure Contract Checklist, which is a tool to assist in determining if a contract includes all the required clauses. Print the checklist recommendations and make the necessary revisions to the contract to integrate the checklist recommendations. Complete OGC’s Intake Form and UTB’s Information Submission Form.

Submit the following documents to the Office of the VPBA:

  1. Revised contract (updated to reflect Checklist Recommendations),
  2. Checklist recommendations,
  3. OGC’s Intake Form, and
  4. UTB’s Information Submission Form.

The VPBA will submit the contract to OGC for review and approval.

System-Wide Contracts for Software, Hardware or Other Information System Components

Submit contract to the Office of the VPBA along with UTB’s Information Submission Form. The contract will be submitted by the VPBA to the UT System CIO. Upon approval the contract will be processed according to the Contract Processing Flowchart.

Contracts Requiring UT Board of Regents Approval

A contract requiring Board of Regents approval must be submitted to the Office of the VPBA along with the documentation listed on the Contract Processing Flowchart. See the Resources section of this procedure for a summary of contracts requiring board approval.

For questions regarding this procedure, contact the Office of the VPBA at 956-882-3898.

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