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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a summary of topics and questions that generally interest Language Institute students.  If you find a topic or questi​on th​a​t is not addressed, please contact us.

What kind of program is The Language Institute?

How do I pay for the classes and the placement exam?

Do I need to enroll in an entire level every session?

What documents do I need to enroll in The Language Institute?

Do I need to get a student VISA to enroll in the Language Institute if I am only attending part time?

Do I have to start from level one if I enroll in your program?

How long will I have to take classes before I am fluent in English?

Do you guarantee that I will learn English in your program?

Will I get a certificate when I finish my course?

Is there financial aid for these classes or some kind of scholarship for me?

Are the instructors in The Language Institute certified to be English teachers?

What is the size of each class, and what do you do when there is a class that is too large?

Do you have a computer lab?

Do you offer tutorial sessions on the side?

Can the tuition be paid in payments?

Do I have to take the English Placement Test to enroll?

Can I only take the TOEFL course because I need to get into UTB by next semester?

Do these courses count towards my college degree?

Will these classes appear on my transcript?

Can I get financial aid if I am from Mexico?

Can I get financial aid to study only English classes?

Will I be able to teach English with the certificate you give me once I complete all the levels?

Do you have dorms if I come to study full time in your university?

Where do I get the I-20 form? Can the I-20 document be mailed to me?

Are books and material included in the tuition?

Is there a fee for registration?

Do you have any preparation courses to satisfy admission requirements at UTB?

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