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A Summary of UTB Network Use Policies (tips... Do's and Don'ts)

Following are some policies/rights in a nutshell for UTB network users. A UTB network user is defined as a currently enrolled student or a currently employed faculty or staff member of UTB who attaches an authorized device to a UTB network. A UTB network user is responsible for getting acquainted with all other rules/reg​ulations (not mentioned below) for using a UTB network.

You must be a currently enrolled student or a currently employed faculty or staff member to use UTB network. All exceptions must be approved in writing from UTB administration.

You are the only person who can access network resources using the device (such as wireless PCMCIA card) that the University has authorized for your use.

You are not allowed to alter, in any shape or form, the configuration of the device (such as a network card) that the University has authorized for your use.

Scanning, sniffing or similar activity of a UTB network or any other network is prohibited. You are only allowed to access network resources over the network.

All state and federal laws apply while using the network. For example, you may not be paid, or otherwise profit, from the use of a UTB network.

Never install any malicious code on any device. Any authorized device connected to the network must be properly updated at all times with most recent patches. It is users responsibility to keep the authorized device healthy at all times. 

You are not allowed to extend the network connection authorized for your use or share it to make it available to someone else or another machine or another network. Connecting switches, repeaters/hubs or access points to a UTB network point (wired or wireless) is prohibited.

The use of any telecommunication device that could be disruptive to network communications is prohibited. 

Attaching a server to a network connection is prohibited without prior written approval. 

Use resources appropriately and fairly. Do not use a disproportionate share of resources, for example, by installing p2p programs. Never interfere with the activities of others on the network.

Do not use the network to do something illegal, threatening or destructive. Note that the police and the FBI investigate violations of state or federal laws. 

One cannot plead ignorance. Laws exist and are enforced even if you are not aware of them. Please, note that because you are "just a student" or you were "just playing around" or you were "just testing the robustness of the network" does not exempt you from the law. Read the Computer Crimes Law on the following three links:

Do not spam the network or send mail bombs or cause any DOS (Denial Of Service) including ping attacks.

Do not falsify your network identity in any shape or form.

Copyright laws are also applicable in network usage/sharing. Refer to Digital Millennium Copyright Act for more information.

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