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Master of Science in Computer Science

36-hour program

The Master of Science in Computer Science requires a total of 36 semester hours of graduate credit.

Admission requirements

Evidence of academic achievement and potential for advanced study and research is required for graduate admission. Specific criteria for Unconditional Admission for master’s degree seeking students in computer science are:

  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • GRE verbal score of 146 (400 if taken prior to August 2011)
  • GRE quantitative score of 144 (500 if taken prior to August 2011)
  • GRE analytical writing score of 3.5
  • A personal statement from the applicant explaining why he or she wishes to pursue graduate study in computer science including professional and personal goals, this letter should include the area of interest and a short list of preferred faculty research supervisors
  • Students are required to have a basic background in computer science. If your undergraduate major is not computer science, a diagnostic test will be given, and a student will be required to take the corresponding undergraduate courses on subject areas where he/she failed. Subject areas will include the core curriculum in B.S. in computer science and all the prerequisites of the graduate courses offered in the M.S. in computer science curriculum.

Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of at least 2.5 and/or GRE scores lower than those specified are encouraged to apply.

Notification of decisions on graduate admission is made by the Office of Graduate Studies based on the admission criteria and recommendation of the academic department. Information related to application procedures and deadlines is available through the Office of Graduate Studies. Visit our website at

Required Courses: 36 hours

Area of Concentration Credit Hours
Credit Hours
Core courses 9
Electives (must be Computer Science graduate courses) 6
(up to 9 hours in mathematics courses can be taken to fulfill the requirement)
Total graduate hours for degree 36
Core courses 9
Thesis 6
Electives (up to nine hours in mathematics; courses can be taken to fulfill the requirement) 21
Total graduate hours for degree 36


In completing the degree requirements, a student can choose to either complete a master thesis (which is the preferred option) or complete two additional graduate courses. As part of their graduate curriculum, students must take COSC 6300 and COSC 6301 leading to the completion of the thesis. At the appropriate time in their graduate study, students will select a thesis committee in order to approve a topic and to assist in the preparation of the thesis. The thesis committee will be composed of at least three graduate faculty. One of them will be appointed as the chairperson. Students must pass an oral defense of the completed thesis. The thesis needs not consist solely of a written research paper; software, analytical, practical performance or other appropriate projects may also be considered. It is expected that the student will choose a topic that appropriately integrates aspects of the discipline of computer science and the supporting fields.

Curriculum of Study

Core Courses:
  • COSC 5345 Advanced Algorithm Analysis
  • COSC 5361 Computability Theory
  • COSC 5362 Complexity Theory
  • COSC 6300 Thesis I
  • COSC 6301 Thesis II
  • COSC 5300 Compiler Construction
  • COSC 5330 Computer Graphics
  • COSC 5332 Human Computer Interaction
  • COSC 5333 Digital Image Processing
  • COSC 5335 Computer Vision
  • COSC 5343 Data Mining
  • COSC 5349 Computer Architecture
  • COSC 5350 Artificial Intellegence
  • COSC 5347 Advanced Software Engineering
  • COSC 5355 Expert Systems
  • COSC 5360 Numerical Methods
  • COSC 5321 E-Commerce
  • COSC 5315 Advanced Computer Networks
  • COSC 5317 Signals and Systems
  • COSC 5318 Digital Forensics
  • COSC 5319 Computer and Cyber Security
  • COSC 5381 Bioinformatics


  • Software/Applications Engineers
  • Computer Science/Technology Teachers
  • Project Managers
  • Chief Technology Officers

Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Juan Iglesias
SETB 1.550A

Contact Information

Dr. Juan R. Iglesias

  • Computer Science StudentComputer Science - Robotics
Degree Plan
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