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share the advisor's computer screen

STEP 1 - Click and open Bb IM application

STEP 2 - Login with your username and password

STEP 3 - After you login and get to this window,

A - Click on the School Tab

B - Double click Student Advising

STEP 4 - When this window appears, please type your question           
or topic regaring your call.

STEP 5 - A Welcome window will pop up showing that you
             need to get promoted by the advisor. This will allow
             you to have the privilages to see the advisor's computer screen.

STEP 6 - When this window appears, means that an advisor has promoted you with the necessary privilages.

STEP 7 - Once prompted with being promoted, you will be able
to see the advisor's computer screen. Don't forget to accept to join
the collaboration.

You may also share your screen by clicking on the Collaboration button.

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