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Census Bureau - American Factfinder (U.S. Census Bureau): Full-Text
Contains information and statistics from the nearly 100 surveys and censuses taken by the U.S. Government every year. The type of statistics taken include U.S. population and business demographics; household income; estimated population of states, cities & towns in the U.S.; profiles and statistics related to U.S. businesses and more.

Chronicle of Higher Education (Chronicle of Higher Education): Full-Text
One of the most widely used sources of information for college & university professors and others interested in higher education. Contains an archive of past issues, vibrant discussion forums and thousands of current job postings.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text (EBSCO): Full-Text
Provides full-text articles from more than 770 journals and 275 books related to nursing and allied health research; indexes over 4,500 journals.

Classical Music Library (Alexander Street Press): Streaming Audio
Contains over 60,000 classical music tracks. Allows the user to save playlists and browse the collection by album, artist, composer, time period, genre, instruments used and more.

Cochrane Library (Wiley): Full-Text
Contains over 4,000 full-text Cochrane Reviews dating back to 1993 as well as other databases of reviews and controlled trials. The Cochrane Reviews bring you the combined results of the world's best medical research studies and help to inform healthcare decision-making.

Communication and Mass Media Complete (EBSCO): Full-Text
Contains full-text of over 440 journals related to communications and mass media as well as over 5,400 author profiles.

Computer Source (EBSCO): Full-Text
Contains nearly 300 full-text journals and magazines covering topics such as computer science, programming, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, information systems, robotics, and software. It provides a balance of full-text technical journals and full-text consumer computer titles.

Congressional Base (ProQuest): Full-Text
One of the most comprehensive collections of historic and current congressional information, this database includes the full-text of congressional publications and public laws, political profiles, finding aids, the ability to trace a law's legislative history and much more.

Contemporary Authors (Gale): Full-Text
Contains biographical and bibliographical data on more than 120,000 modern authors. Gives ability to search by author, title of work, nationality, genre, honors & awards, etc.

Contemporary Literary Criticism (Gale): Full-Text
Contains literary critiques on novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers, etc. who are now living or have died after December 31st, 1959. Gives ability to search by author, title of work, nationality, genre, critic's name, etc.

Contemporary World Music (Alexander Street Press): Streaming Audio
Contains over 66,000 contemporary world music tracks. Allows the user to save playlists and browse the collection by album, artist(s), cultural groups, genre, instruments used, location and more.

Counseling and Therapy in Video (Alexander Street Press): Streaming Video
Contains videos pertaining to the study of counseling, social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling.

Criminal Justice Abstracts (EBSCO): Citation & Abstract Only
This bibliographic database contains comprehensive coverage of international journals, books, reports & dissertations on criminology and related disciplines. Covers criminal justice, criminal law & prevention, forensic sciences & investigation, history of crime, substance abuse & addiction, criminology and more.

Criminal Justice Periodical Index (ProQuest): Full-Text
Provides full-text articles and citations for hundreds of journals related to criminal justice, law enforcement, corrections administration, drug enforcement, rehabilitation, family law and industrial security.

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