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Don’t Miss The Texas Observer’s SXSW Interactive Panel
Life on the Line: Tweeting the Drug War

Saturday, March 9, 3:30PM - 4:30PM
Austin Convention Center, Room 5ABC
500 E Cesar Chavez St.

On the U.S.-Mexico border there’s a media blackout in the Mexican press when it comes to reporting on corruption, violence and impunity. Reporters have been killed and threatened and Mexican news outlets bombed or burned to the ground. In response many journalists and ordinary citizens have turned to social media, especially Twitter, to report on events in Mexico.

Dr. Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera 
Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera will speak on the SXSW Panel 'Life on the Line: Tweeting the Drug War' on Saturday, March 9.

This Saturday, March 9, in Austin The Texas Observer’s SXSW Interactive panel Life on the Line: Tweeting the Drug War will feature Observer staff writer Melissa del Bosque, KGBT-TV Interactive Manager Sergio Chapa, and UT-Brownsville Professor Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, an expert on Mexican politics and organized crime, discussing how ordinary citizens and reporters on the border find innovative ways to report the news despite unprecedented violence and censorship.



Correa will explain how the brutal form of censorship now being exported to Zacatecas and other Mexican states by the feared Los Zetas cartel spread from the border state of Tamaulipas. “I call this the forgotten border because very few people talk about Tamaulipas, and it’s of enormous importance,” she says. “Tamaulipas is a pioneer state in the new configuration of violence and organized crime in the nation.”

The panelists will illustrate how citizens and journalists in Tamaulipas are forging reporting strategies based on social media, like the rise of the Twitter hashtag #reynosafollow. Multimedia reporter Sergio Chapa will discuss how he covers crime in Mexico and how citizen journalists in Tamaulipas use cheap online tools to mask their online identities. Texas Observer Staff Writer Melissa del Bosque will discuss the unprecedented violence against the media, and how it threatens Mexico’s democracy and freedom of speech.

For interviews with the panelists prior to the SXSW Interactive panel on Saturday, March 9, contact Texas Observer Publisher Piper Stege Nelson at (512) 477-0746.

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