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University and Rotary Clubs Kick Off Partnership Fundraising Effort

BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS – AUGUST 12, 2011 – Rotary International has long committed its financial and volunteer resources to a massive polio eradication program.

University and Area Rotary Clubs Kick Off Partnership Fundraising Effort Sunrise Rotary Club president Albino Carrasco, University of Texas at Brownsville Development Board chair elect Lourdes Simmons-Carrasco, and Rotary Club assistant district governor Bettina Tolin announced the Development Board and Rotary Club partnership at the Friday, August 12 meeting.

Nine Rotary Clubs in the Rio Grande Valley are being approached with the partnership opportunity to be part of the Distinguished Lecture Series which will feature historian David Oshinsky, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History for his book, “Polio: An American Story.”

Lourdes Simmons-Carrasco, chair elect of the UT Brownsville Development Board, and Bettina Tolin, Rotary Club assistant district governor, announced the establishment of a partnership project Friday, Aug. 12 at the Sunrise Rotary Club of Brownsville breakfast meeting held at Valley International Country Club.

“We are truly excited about this opportunity to partner with the university in this effort,” said Tolin. “Ending polio worldwide is Rotary’s number one international mission.”

The university has agreed to give participating Rotary Clubs 25 cents on the dollar for every dollar raised in sponsorships and ticket sales for the event.

“How wonderful that with Rotary’s help we will be raising funds to help our students and faculty but also Rotary’s exceptional work in the eradication of polio,” said Simmons-Carrasco. “

Oshinsky will be on campus Thursday, Oct. 13 for an evening lecture that will recount in detail the powerful story of polio, from the March of Dimes to the discovery of the Salk and Sabin vaccines to the present day struggle against polio in isolated parts of the world. Earlier in the day, he will also speak to high school and college students.

Funds raised from the Distinguished Lecture Series benefit the university’s annual fund that supports student and faculty projects for which state funds are not available.

Advance ticket purchases are recommended for the evening lecture since there is limited seating. General admission tickets are $100 per person and include admission to the post-lecture reception. Individual sponsor tickets are $250 and include admission to the pre- and post-lecture receptions, and preferred seating.

To purchase tickets, go to www.utb.edu/events or call (956) 882-4332.



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