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Assistive Technology and Testing Service

At the Assistive Technology and Testing Service we:
  • Proctor exams (supervise students taking tests) for professors.
  • Provide extended time and/or a distraction reduced environment for students who have a documented need for such testing accommodations.
  • Provide specialized technology that is helpful for students with a variety of disabilities.
Whether taking tests or studying, eligible students can use:


  • Recorded or digital versions of many textbooks.
  • Student must qualify for this service as determined by supporting documentation.

Computers with Speech and Braille Output

  • JAWS- popular screen reader for use by individuals with low vision or who are totally blind. Works with a variety of programs and provides Braille output in addition to or instead of speech.

Magnification Software and CCTV’s

  • Zoom Text- enlarges and enhances everything on computer screen, for use by individuals with visual impairments.
  • CCTVs’-(Closed Circuit Televisions)- magnify print, handwriting and photos placed under a “camera.”

Screen readers and scanners

  • ClaroRead is a program which converts scanned text, including PDF files, into spoken text with complete clarity.
  • Student at computer lab
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