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  • Individual Consultation:
    SSS staff members are available to advise participants in Financial Aid education including completion of FAFSA, understanding financial aid, paying your college bill, and exploring scholarships.  Staff members are also available to advise participants in areas of personal finance education including developing a budget, learning about banking, understanding credit, and searching for student employment.
  • Workshops:  
    SSS staff members provide workshops on personal finance education. Check out our Calendar of Events for current offerings.

  • Grant Aid:
    • SSS awards a limited amount of aid each year to SSS participants.  An SSS participant may be eligible for this aid if he or she is: 
      -an active participant in SSS
      -a freshman or sophomore
      -a Federal Pell Grant recipient
  • ​  TG ​-  a public-service website developed to help students plan and complete their journey through higher education. By providing free resources to students, parents, counselors, and educators, AIE encourages individuals to discover and pursue educational opportunities. AIE promotes a better tomorrow by preparing students and families for the adventure today​
  • NEW! CashCourse-An interactive website which provides information, worksheets and tips on a broad array of financial topics including budgeting, paying for college, and economic survival tips. The program is sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education/Partnership for Financial Wellness. You will need to register as a student to gain access to the site.
    Click the logo below to get started:
    CashCourse Logo 
  • ​​​MoneySmart
  • Remember that you are entitled one free credit report from all three agencies. 
  • Internet guide to money management including tips and resources for obtaining money for college:                               
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