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Types of Jobs

Work Study Program (WS) is required for some on-campus positions. WS may be awarded to you if you have applied early for financial assistance and demonstrate financial need for the award. Job opportunities are relatively the same for FWS employees as they are for RSE employees, except that departments may be more eager to hire you if you have an FWS award because they are required to pay only a portion of your salary. The government pays the balance. As a WS employee, you also benefit because the money you earn will not be used in the calculation for determining financial aid eligibility the next time you apply for aid.

The Student Employment Initiative (SEI) provides on-campus paid internship opportunities in a student’s program of study above and beyond traditional work-study. SEI was designed to integrate students into the campus environment, help control the variables that could hinder academic progress because of off-campus work obligations through a rigorous, incentive-based model requiring accountability for academic performance. This includes enrolling for at least 15 semester credit hours and maintaining a minimum 3.00 GPA.

Other Student Employment (OSE) is available for students who are enrolled at least half-time. Job opportunities exist in nearly all departments on campus, including the library, admissions and enrollment, financial aid, food service, the student newspaper, fitness and recreation, and various academic departments. ​
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