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Continuous Quality Improvement Guide

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), also known as Institutional Effectiveness (IE) is the term used to describe the process of quality improvement followed by the Division of Student Affairs at UTB. “Quality Improvement, Total Quality Management, and Quality Assurance” are terms given to the processes many businesses undertake to produce increased efficiency and employee and customer satisfaction. Though the outcomes in an educational setting differ from those in the business world, efficiency and achievement of stated outcomes and objectives remain the foundation for the division’s improvement process. In addition to all mandates from external agencies and organizations that hold public education accountable for accomplishment of its mission, at the heart of true continuous quality improvement is the question of whether and to what extent colleges are producing more competent students. The CQI framework developed for the Division of Student Affairs is integrated and strongly linked to the decision-making process that leads to improved quality of programs and services, and the overall educational experience of all students.

Continuous Quality Improvement PDF Guide
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