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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Educational Talent Search? The Educational Talent Search (ETS) Program is a program designed to promote higher education opportunities to 600 first-generation, college bound students enrolled in the Brownsville Independent School District. The ETS program provides services to encourage, support, and guide participants towards enrolling into a postsecondary program of study.


2. Who funds The Educational Talent Search Program? Congress established a series of programs to help low income individuals enter college and graduate. These programs are funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965    and are referred to as TRIO programs. These TRIO Programs include Upward Bound, Students Support Services, Talent Search, Educational Opportunity Centers and the Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement.      


3. What are the admission requirements to get into the Educational Talent Search Program? For students to be admitted into the Educational Talent Search program, he or she must be:

a. First generation family member to attend college,

b. Demonstrate desire for a postsecondary education, 

c. TRIO income level,

d. Demonstrate academic need,

(2/3 of all students are accepted based on these requirements)     

Students may contact a Talent Search staff member or school counselor to obtain an application. Once the student has completed the application and has submitted it along with a counselor or teacher recommendation to a ETS staff member, it will be determined whether or not the student meets the admission requirements.          


4. Are there any fees to pay? Students do not pay a fee to participate in the Educational Talent Search Program.


5. Where is the Educational Talent Search Program housed? The Talent Search Program is located in the Tandy Building (262) at the University of Texas Brownsville and Texas Southmost College.


6. How long does the Educational Talent Search Program last? Students are recruited during their 5th grade year through counselor, teacher and parent recommendations. Students stay in the program throughout their middle and high school years until graduation and enrollment into a postsecondary institution.


7. What are students and parent responsibilities? Parents are to support their child’s progress towards a postsecondary education through motivation by attending parent meetings and other ETS activities and functions. Students are required to attend 6 to 8 sessions at their respective schools and all ETS activities and functions.

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