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Faculty Merit

A. The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College has a two-tiered system for the evaluation of faculty merit. The merit system evaluates and rewards faculty for achievement in the performance of their responsibilities and workload based upon established faculty evaluation procedures.

B. The determination of meritorious service may result in an increase in the annual salary base of faculty. Faculty holding only an administrative appointment are not eligible for the faculty merit process. Department Chairs are eligible for the merit process. All other non-tenure track faculty (i.e., part-time, adjunct, teaching assistants, term contract holders, etc.) are not eligible for the faculty merit process.

C. Two types of merit for faculty will be recognized: merit and exceptional merit.

  1. Merit:

    Evaluation for a faculty merit salary increase will take place as part of the annual professional planning/evaluation process each Spring and shall involve the faculty member, the Chair, and the Dean. Merit evaluation is tied to the performance of faculty responsibilities and workload as defined by University policies.

  2. Exceptional merit:

    a. Evaluation for an exceptional merit increase is initiated by the individual faculty member. It is based upon performance at an exemplary level in at least one area of responsibility, according to the criteria for exceptional performance established by the relevant department, and on meritorious performance in the other area(s). It involves a written statement identifying the specific area(s) in which exemplary performance was achieved, and is documented by a portfolio developed by the individual faculty member. Only accomplishments since the last successful personnel action may be included in the portfolio.

    b. Evaluation for exceptional merit of faculty will be made in competition with other faculty, and recommendations will normally be made by department and College/School committees, chairs, and administrators.

    c. Faculty, including chairs, who are themselves applying for exceptional merit shall not participate in evaluation of exceptional merit applications either at the department or the College/School level.

    d. Applications for exceptional merit shall not be made simultaneously with applications for tenure and/or promotion.

    e. Applications for exceptional merit may be made simultaneously with applications for post-tenure review.

D. The merit and exceptional merit evaluation systems shall follow established time lines, review levels and procedures.

E. The salary increases associated with this merit evaluation system are subject to fund availability, Regents’ Rules and policies, and state law.

F. Review

This policy will be reviewed after each legislative session (every odd numbered year), no later than December 31 by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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