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Tutoring in the STEM Learning Communities

The tutor is a guide who helps students in the STEM Learning Communities sponsored by Title V to share and master information as a group. The tutor attends the Title V learning community course(s) for which he/she is assigned and, in scheduled sessions, works with students to review lecture notes, clarify text material, prepare for tests, and evaluate and improve learning strategies.
Tutors assist in achieving the overarching goal of the program, which is the development of informational literacy and communication competencies of students in STEM fields by identifying and aligning best practices for Student Learning Outcomes. Tutors report to the Title V Student Support Service Coordinator.

The STEM Learning Communities sponsored by Title V are regular semester programs. 125 first-year men and women from STEM majors at UTB/TSC take linked courses and receive specialized tutoring, mentoring, and counseling. Each tutor serves as a role model and provides tutoring to STEM learning community students in order to improve student learning outcomes.

Candidates must possess the following qualifications:
• Major in field of specified learning community course
• Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0
• Juniors and seniors are preferred, but other qualified applicants will be considered
• Strong interpersonal skills
• Positive attitude
• Self-motivation
• Ability to attend training sessions prior to the beginning of classes and throughout the semester
Tutors for the STEM Learning Communities sponsored by Title V will have the following responsibilities:
• Work closely with Title V faculty and staff on a daily basis in a collaborative
• Lead regularly scheduled supplemental instruction sessions linked with lecture
   and lab courses
• In consultation with assigned faculty, attend lecture and/or lab courses linked tutoring sessions
• Advise and refer students to appropriate university or community resources as
  the need arises
• Provide tutoring informational updates to all learning community members
   using Facebook, Twitter, the Title V website, and other media as appropriate
• Participate in at least one STEM program student task force
• Record observations and submit monthly reports to the coordinator
• Attend Title V staff meetings
• Assist learning community coordinator in planning program activities
• Participate in training prior to and throughout the semester as needed.

Upload your SmartPen tutorial notes:

Tutors please use this link to upload your SmartPen Tutorial Notes.



Tutors must be UTB students enrolled for Fall 2013 and must have taken the course to be tutored with a final grade of A or B. To apply, submit a completed application form and two completed reference forms from faculty, employers, or others who can attest to your suitability as a tutor. Before a final hiring decision is made, you will need to submit a copy of your transcript showing your final grade in the course you want to tutor.

Download PDF Tutor Application Forms and Reference Forms from Here


Watch a video Thank You Note by students and staff:

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Tutor/Peer Advisor Development Flowchart :


Download Lesson Plan and Work Sheet Template

Download Tutor Application and Reference Form

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