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What is a learning community?

A learning community is defined as "a group taking the same classes, learning and supporting each other." Think of it as a built-in study group of fellow students, all helping one another in and beyond the classroom and all aiming for the same results: enhanced comprehension skills and higher grades! Students may choose a learning community that fits them. In integrated learning communities, professors from each course collaborate with each other to design class work and activities that support learning in both courses. In cohort learning communities, the courses are independent from each other, but the students taking the classes together share a common interest in a major or career.

Examples of Integrated Learning Communities:

  • Biological Concepts I (BIOL 1308) & Biological Concepts Laboratory I (BIOL 1108) & Composition I (ENGL 1301)
  • Biological Concepts II (BIOL 1302) & Biological Concepts Laboratory II (BIOL 1109) & Composition II (ENGL 11302)
  • United States to 1877 (HIST 1301) & Composition I (ENGL 1301)

For more information, read about learning communities.

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