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The mission of the Academic Advising Center at the University of Texas at Brownsville is to​ ​empower and encourage students to take charge of their educational plans through collaborative efforts among students, advisors, and faculty. Academic advisors are committed to engaging students in developing educational, career, and life goals.


  1. Provide personalized, developmental academic advising.
  2. Facilitate a successful transition to the institution.
  3. Recognize that academic advisors and students are partners in the advising process.
  4. Provide a supportive atmosphere which promotes developing educational plans compatible with career aspirations.
  5. Guide students to make sound decisions and become self-directed learners.
  6. Teach students to utilize university resources to maximize their educational experience.
  7. Communicate regularly with students to monitor progress toward degree completion.
  8. Mentor students as they clarify personal values especially as they relate to academic and career objectives.

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