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program of study

This degree completion program, offered by UTB, is designed for graduates of Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degrees in the allied health and nursing fields. Students can take 16 of the courses toward the Bachelor of Applied Technology in Health Services Technology (B.A.T.-H.S.T.) degree online. 

The B.A.T.-H.S.T. degree requires the following:

  1. Completion of an A.A.S. degree, its prerequisites, or equivalent as approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at an accredited community college, technical college, or equivalent entity in most allied health and nursing fields
  2. Completion of the General Education Core requirements
  3. Completion of 42 hours of upper level courses which include 30 hours of the Bachelor of Applied Technology Health Services core and 12 hours of electives. These electives can be drawn from the H.S.T. offerings or any elective that is approved by the program advisor.

General Education Core

Health Services Core

Health Services Electives

Technical Hours From AAS

Minimum Semester Credit Hours

42 hours - some courses offered online*

30 hours - offered online

12 hours - offered online

36 hours

120 hours

*Online general education courses are offered by The UT Online Consortium. Check with the program advisor prior to registering for any of these courses to ensure they apply toward the program.

This degree is not designed to prepare practitioners for professional certification in a new field. It is designed to build on a career developed at the A.A.S. level by adding skills in leadership and management, or teaching in secondary and post-secondary education. Flexibility in course selection should allow students to design a meaningful degree plan that will accomplish their career enhancement goals.

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B.A.T. Health Services Technology​

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