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To create an engaged campus that connects faculty, staff, students, and external partners in ways that help revitalize our community.


The center will accomplish its mission by

  1. Engaging the UTB campus through service learning, volunteering, and community based scholarships in teaching and research which adds new knowledge to our community.
  2. Engaging the community at-large in collaborative initiatives that build social capital and encourage civic participation.


  1. Social entrepreneurship: We believe our outreach should add sustainable value, and we seek equitable solutions to community problems by exploring and developing opportunities for personal, intellectual and professional growth.
  2. Social justice: We believe in the dignity and worth of each person, in creating sustained change that leads to a more just and peaceful society based on mutual respect, hope, honesty, trust and fairness and in directing our efforts toward addressing the root causes of social inequity.

* The engaged campus is a college or university which emphasizes community engagement through its activities and its definition of scholarships. The engaged campus is involved in community relationships, community development, community empowerment, community discourse and educational change. The benchmarks of the engaged campus are campus-community partnerships, careful reflection and sustained impact. (This topic is discussed further in the preface and represents the central focus of Service Matters: "Higher education has a responsibility to develop the next generation of active citizens, and campuses must be good residents in their own communities. When a campus achieves both these aims they are what we call a truly engaged campus.")   See also the Advanced Service-Learning Toolkit for Academic Leaders: "Defining the Engaged Campus."

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