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Center for civic engagement scholars


 Do you have an interest in giving back to the community while learning? 

Each long semester, we award scholarships to deserving students that meet the minimum requirements of having an undergraduate status, a junior or senior, with at least a 3.0 GPA, and have a demonstrated a commitment to service. If selected, our students are called CCE Scholars.

What does a CCE Scholar do?


Our CCE Scholars serve as liaisons between faculty and community agencies. Depending on faculty disciplines, partnerships with area agencies are either established or enhanced. Our goal throughout the CCE Scholar program is to increase the number of service learning courses so that our campus can have a culture that focuses on community engagement.

How do CCE Scholars make an impact?


Our CCE Scholars enjoy serving their community and learning about community needs. They participate in service and are interested in courses that have a service requirement. Additionally, students have an increased connection with their coursework and fellow classmates which increases their desire to continue their education.


Service learning

What is Service Learning?

Service Learning is a unique way to learn, serve and teach. It holds up a mirror for us to see ourselves. It is a microscope for us to examine our society.

Curricular SL is: “any intentional, active, reflective work related to course outcomes, and which students do to meet community needs. Students and community members must learn from each other; reciprocity and interactions are key. ”


At UTB, students have an option to take courses that have a service learning component. Our students have the opportunity to truly give back to their community while taking what they learn in the classroom to solve real life issues. This integration of service has the potential of benefitting our students by engaging them, increasing their citizenship skills, and providing work and experience.

When the center works with faculty directly, we make every effort to accomodate student needs. These accomodations include, but are not limited to, having weekend and evening options for those employed full-time.

Interested in taking a Service Learning course?

Look for courses designated as "Service Learning" or "SL" in the course catalog. Some of our service learning courses are even offered online! For example, some nursing and nutrition courses are offered for distance education students.




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