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Internship Philosophy

The combined efforts of educators and competent professionals in the field of Criminal Justice can produce an effective and meaningful type of experience through an internship program.

The purpose of the internship is to develop a learning experience for both the student and the agency, resulting in the student developing a greater understanding and appreciation for the overall law enforcement and criminal justice system, and specifically, for that area in which his or her interests lie. The student will have the opportunity to correlate theory with practice and be stimulated to the point of challenging, examining, questioning, and analyzing those areas to which he or she is exposed.

The program should also allow the student to make a contribution to the agency to which he or she is assigned to by evaluating his or her observations and experiences and making recommendations to be considered by the agency head which may prove to be beneficial to the functioning of the agency.

The Internship will also provide the student the opportunity to formalize goals and to better prepare himself or herself upon graduation to enter the field of his or her choice. Additionally, it will expose the student to the requirements of the employing agencies, providing an opportunity to meet those requirements and serve as a source of recruitment for the participating agencies.

Dr. Mario Davila is the director of the internship program (click HERE to e-mail Dr. Davila).

U.S. Marshals Federal Career Intern Program

This is a program administered by the United States Marshal Service, not the Criminal Justice Department at UTB. This is not a student internship program. It is an internship program that appoints selected applicants as deputy United States marshals for a two-year trial period. Upon successful completion of the trial period, the selected applicant may be eligible for permanent placement within the agency. For more information about the program, please visit the following website:

Dr. Susan Ritter has extensive knowledge about how the program works. Interested students are encouraged to make an appointment with Dr. Ritter to discuss the program (click HERE to email Dr. Ritter).

  • Internship Philosophy Graduate Rocio Herrera interned for an agency in Washington, D.C.
  • U.S. Marshals Federal Career Intern Program A program administered by the United States Marshal Service. Students here at UTB going for their Criminal Justice degree, have an opportunity to go here if they meet certain requirements.
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