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Bachelor in Arts in Spanish

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish offers majors an integrated, sequenced course of study comprising 12 courses (36 semester hours), at the advanced 3000/4000-level. Students begin their study with two Core foundation courses, SPAN 2321 and SPAN 2322, that introduce them to the major and develop the basic skills in language, culture, and literature that are required of subsequent advanced, 3000 and 4000-numbered courses. Upon completion of SPAN 2321 and SPAN 2322, majors enroll in twelve upper division (advanced) courses, totaling 36 semester hours, taken from a cohesive but diverse course of study distributed in four areas: language, literature, culture, and translation. Majors begin their advanced study with 3000-level language and literature courses, continue with more advanced 4000-level courses.

Program of Study


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